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History of Mondovi 1888

Kessinger 1888

P. 644 ...The first settlers in this town came in 1855 and were H.P. L.D. and P. Farrington, Wm. Van Waters, Thos Glasspool and Harvey Brown. Rev. B.F. Morse came in 1856. Luther Eager and family came the same year, also John Callahan. At the first election Orlando Brown was chosen chairman, Harvey Brown town Clerk, J.W. Bump treasurer and L.D. Farrington assessor. It must be remembered that at this election, and only this, the town of Naples consisted of Townships 23 and 24 Ranges 10 and 11 and that Hon. O. Brown then lived in Township 23 R. 11. There were only 19 votes at this election, which does not seem to indicate a very dense population for such a large town. The first marriage was that of Mr. and Mrs. Billings and the knot was tied by Rev B.F. Morse in a shanty belonging to John Callahan. The first child was born in 1856; his name is John Gifford. The village of Mondovi is laid out about the corner of Sec. 11, 12, 13, and 14 and the plat recorded in Book 4, page 560, May 17, 1859. It is situated upon a level plateau, perhaps fifty feet above the surface of Beef River. It has a very handsome situation and contains numerous stores, two hotels, three churches, a handsome schoolbuilding, two mills, one newspaper etc. Of the churches I have given a lengthy history in the chapter on Religion; the mills are mentioned in the chapter on Manufactures. The village has according to the census of 1885, 340 inhabitants almost exclusively Americans from the New England and other eastern states. Some years ago, especially before the construction of the Chippewa Valley Railroad, the trade of this region was principally tributary to Alma, as present but very little of it, if any, goes in that direction.

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