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History of Mondovi 1881

History of Northern Wisconsin The Western Historical Company A.T. Andreas, Proprietor 1881

PP. 168-170 Mondovi

Mondovi The beautiful village of Mondovi is an inland village, situated in the northeast corner of the county, in the town of Naples, on the bank of Buffalo River, at the confluence of Mill Creek, and has all the advantages of a city. This creek furnishes ample water-power for a custom flouring mill, built in 1878 and owned and operated by James T. Brawnlee; two repairing machine shops one built in 1871 by N.K. Fisher and Hiram Fisher, and now owned and operated by N.K. Fisher, the other built in the spring of 1881 by Ezra Myers, and now operated by him.

The great pine regions of the Chippewa Valley furnish a market for beef, pork and grain at better prices than can be obtained in eastern markets. The village has graded school building, erected 1878, and cost about $4000. This building is not only an ornament to the place, but proves that the citizens appreciate the advantages of good educational facilities, which are made an object of individual interest and are above the usual average. The village is abundantly supplied with churches  containing three, viz., the Methodist church, built in 1865 at a cost of $2000, and now has a membership of about one hundred; the Congregational, built in 1871, and now has about sixty-five members; the Baptist built in 1873 at a cost of $4000, and now has a membership of over one hundred. Rev. B.F. Morse has been pastor of the Baptist church and society for twenty-four years.

Mondovi also has a newspaper, published weekly and is a lively sheet and fair exponent of the enterprise and intelligence of the community. The town was first settled by H.P., L.D. and P. Farrington, William Van Waters, Thomas Glasspool and H. Brown in 1855. Some of these persons are still residents of the town. The inhabitants of the village are principally from the New England States  descendants from the good old Puritan stock, and have brought with them from their Eastern homes the true Yankee pluck and enterprise.

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